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Who calls the shots?
With his innovative approach to real estate, Christian de Bray has revolutionised the way people sell their properties.

When he becomes an independent real estate agent in 1990, Christian de Bray asks himself a single question: “If I wanted to sell a property, what sort of help would I like to find?”

Looking at the professional services available at that time, he realises that vendors are not treated fairly. He then decides to introduce a unique and completely new approach.

Recently renovated house near Square Montgomery. Ideal for professionals.

1. He does not ask for exclusive selling rights. A simple letter of engagement which can be cancelled at any time, is enough. In his opinion, agents who ask for exclusive rights for a period of three months (or even more in some cases) are more preoccupied by their profit than by the vendor’s best interests.
Why would an agent need exclusive selling rights if they are confident that they can attract many potential buyers? And how can an agent who has few potential buyers demand exclusive rights? It is also arrogant and unfair to stop a vendor trying to sell their property themselves.

2. His innovative approach is based on a partnership with more than 120 other estate agents who can attract a vast number of potential buyers. Those agencies use different methods and reach different buyers: some are well known amongst expatriates, others have close links with embassies, some have a high profile on the Internet, others get good press coverage.

In order to make this approach work, Christian de Bray shares a slightly higher than normal (5% instead of 3%) commission with the agent who finds a buyer (it may be worth remembering that agents in some countries ask for a 6% commission). This ensures that the agents he works with will be as eager to sell the properties in his portfolio as theirs.

Sablon: Mid 18th c. house totally renovated by the architect Serra Di Migni, a few yards away from the Sablon.

Esnieux: country house and caretaker’s lodge, +/- 1,000 square meters, heated swimming pool, estate.

3. Payment of the commission is only due when the sale has been completed (not when the “compromis” is signed). He feels that he has only completed his job when the vendor is paid in full.

4. There are no admin fees: the end result is the only thing that matters!
If the property sells easily, the vendor is guaranteed the best selling price.
If the property is more difficult to sell, the chances of finding the right buyer are multiplied.

This shows that an innovative approach which is based on the client’s perspective can bring fundamental changes to long established professional practices.

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