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Real estate in Belgium and in Brussels: fast and profitable sales

You have a property for sale and...
you would like to sell it yourself

And yet...
You know that in spite of all your efforts, you can only reach a small number of potential buyers.
There is only little that you can do and little chance of getting a good price.
All this is costing you time and effort….Is there anything you can do?

There is a solution:
No sole agent agreement, a partnership with approximately 120 other real estate agents in Belgium, no poster boards on your property, payment of our fees only when contracts are exchanged and no admin fees.

You can continue to try and sell your property yourself while we multiply your chances of finding the right buyer.

With our help, you can reach the potential buyers of about 120 real estate agencies throughout the country. You benefit from our personalised research network: embassies, consulates, companies, developers, foreign investors and many of the European institutions in Brussels.

If your property is easy to sell, you can be confident that you will get the best price for it, a price which may even exceed your expectations.
If selling your property is a challenge, we will almost always find a buyer.
If your property does not sell, you pay us nothing.

Our work strategy
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For the Real Estate Consultant Christian de Bray agency, being loyal means working in close partnership with the best agents in the country. We refuse to deal with agents who are solely motivated by greed and personal profit. Our job is not to simply sell properties, share a portfolio and commissions but to get personally involved and work with agents and vendors in order to get the best possible selling price. For every property, even in the most challenging cases our priority is to find the right buyer.

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